Dr. Yatin J Patel

Author, Speaker, Certified Pulmonary & Sleep Physician

Photo Credit (Dr Kaushik Patel)

Dr. Yatin J Patel, a board-certified pulmonologist, and sleep physician is a passionate advocate for his patients’ overall health. He has made it his mission to alleviate their suffering, and views each day as a new opportunity to promote a lifestyle founded on healthy and happy living. At his private practice, Sneeze & Snooze Clinic, Indiana, he oversees the care of the patients suffering from a variety of sleep disorders.

As a published author and public speaker, Dr. Patel strives to be a source of inspiration, sharing his message of good health globally. Whether it’s through his video series, or at a live speaking event, he is out to motivate not just his patients, but anybody in need of a physical, mental or spiritual awakening.

As the Medical Director of the Center for Sleep Studies at Goshen Hospital, Dr. Patel is held in high esteem as a selfless leader and a visionary in the field. His writing explores the intricacies of his chosen field and demonstrates his compassion for those he serves. In addition to an ongoing informational blog, Dr. Patel is a published author, and touts himself as “The World’s Only Sleep Doc with a Notre Dame MBA.”

Outside the office, Dr. Patel is either relaxing through the healing powers of meditation or taking in the world from the vantage point of his bicycle. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, he is also part of many social health initiatives, including campaigns on Safe Driving and empowerment through rural education.