Dr. Yatin J Patel

Author, Speaker, Certified Pulmonary & Sleep Physician


For Dr. Patel, a certified pulmonologist and sleep physician, community enrichment is the pinnacle of human accomplishment. He is dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself, physically, mentally and financially. To support this mission, he returns to his home country of India several times annually to speak on pressing health topics and spread awareness of social issues.

Dr. Patel is involved with various initiatives throughout the region, running campaigns that focus on safe driving, female empowerment, health awareness, rural education, and sleep disorder awareness, specifically highlighting the dangers of sleep apnea. A huge supporter of child education, his scholarships of 200,000 rupees per year has helped students pursue further education since 1995. Dr. Patel and his wife, Dipti, have also adopted four primary schools, where they donate school uniforms, shoes, bags, and sports equipment every year to the students. Dr. Patel loves to play cricket with these kids, form lasting bonds, exchange ideas, and encourage them to dream big. Their Adopt A School Here (AASH) project connects NRI (Non-Resident Indians) with the primary school of their native so that they can similarly support the needy students. These interventions help impoverished and working class students as they strive to overcome adversities and prepare for the future.


Stay Awake. Drive Safe.

This non-profit initiative aims to eliminate drowsy driving and sleep-related driving fatalities. The grassroots movement relies on the social media blitz, community engagement, and innovative education to boost awareness. Through mass emails, the initiative can share their revolutionary “Stay Awake, Drive Safe” handbook to colleges, schools, and corporations when the risk of travel related injury is highest: before major travel holidays.

Our team, utilizing traditional and digital platforms, spreads awareness farther than ever before. With a strong presence on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, we are determined to eliminate vehicular accidents. We have also made valuable connections with concerned media personas, allowing us to tap into the power of local TV stations such as NBC, Fox, and PBS.

Our energetic team of volunteers gives presentations at local schools, visit drivers’ education classes to discuss the dangers of drowsy driving, and set up information booths at major highway rest plazas. Their dedication is making the world a safer place one driver at a time!



F.E.M.A.L.E. is a cyber Ashram, or holy community, dedicated to a dream of providing Food, Education, Medicine, And Love for Everyone globally through grass root participation and social media activism. Besides the initiatives mentioned above, FEMALE Ashram’s Jaago Durga Initiative aims to create a country in which:

  • a female baby is joyfully welcomed by every member of the family
  • a female student is provided a supportive, stimulating, and safe environment to study and grow
  • a female employee is treated with the respect and kindness she deserves
  • a female retiree is given food, shelter, clothes, medicine, and love


We are committed to making a significant and measurable difference in the lives of the women in India, creating a country founded on values of empathy, respect, activism, and pragmatism.