Sleep Speaker

Sleep Well, Lead Well

Sleep Speaker

Dr. Yatn J Patel is a board-certified Pulmonologist, a motivated public speaker, and an idealist world changer. Specializing in sleep, Dr. Patel is a qualified sleep physician who firmly believes a good sleep can solve many challenges faced in life.

With his excellent public speaking and writing skills, he paints real-life experiences that are easy to relate with to explain how beneficial sleep can be to various individuals, how one can have a healthy sleep, and how to initial self-diagnose if you are suffering from sleep apnea, insomnia, etc.

In his events and workshops titled “SLEEP WELL, LEAD WELL” Dr. Patel enlightens his audience on how to have a healthy lifestyle by getting good sleep; he also exposes them to current threats to tranquility faced by the society proposing his ideas/solutions on how the society can be influenced to ensure it remains healthy for the populace. By motivating his audience to be agents of change in their society, he creates an army of peace for the society.

He looks forward to seeing you at his events and workshops where he shares information that could change your life and put you on a track of healthy lifestyle of good sleep every night.